Printable Art

Printables are really inexpensive ways to buy your art, & you receive it super fast. It also cuts out the cost of a company printing & posting it to you. Printables can also be really fun as you have the option of printing on paper from home, or you could use a printing service & have it printed on a canvas, wood, even fabric.

All printable files are emailed to the address you placed your order on. Easy!!
Imagine the files your take on your phone or digital camera? Well, printable art will be a file just like those that you can print.
After your order has been confirmed you will receive your file.
Make sure when you receive your file you store it in a safe place on your computer, so you can print it again should you need to. If you have ordered a print set, you will receive a zip file, double click on that & your images will be inside, just save each one individually.
Once you have saved it the fun begins!! Decide on what you will print it on & what size.
Take your files to places like officeworks, or Snapfish (Australia) for great printing services.
If printing at home I always suggest using a heavier card stock. I personally use a 200gm white matte card. make sure you set your printer too on a "best" setting.

 Files send will be A3 size in a JEPG format, in CMYK print format. Your file is a high resolution file size which means you can enlarge to an AO, & reduce all the way down to a tiny size of A8. refer to the below diagram for a file size reference.

Should you need anymore help regarding your files or printing, please feel free to contact me.