Brand Rep / Enthusiast Terms & Conditions

Thank you for reading Happy Joy Decor's collaborations terms & conditions.

If you would like to be considered for a brand position, please email me (Kylie) with a bit about yourself, your social media platforms, & your business direction & include photos from your current Instagram feed. Your images must be in line with the products sold within Happy Joy Decor. That includes bedrooms, nurseries, kids having fun with colouring & drawing activities.

– Photos need to be light, clear, crisp and showing true colour as I will use these on my own social platforms as well as advertising my products. It's important to give a true visual expectation on the colours people can expect.

– I prefer to discuss collaborations to be honest so it's fair for everyone. I would like to receive 12 awesome images from you or more if you can, using the product, styling the products & any other creative ways you can think of. Products with your kiddies are LOVED  💖

Check out my instagram feed for beautiful examples of other amazing instagram feeds using my products.

– I prefer photos sent via dropbox, all to be high quality images please emailed to me at If drop box is a problem please let me know as email it will be fine to email them to me at

I look at collaborations as a fun & friendly relationship, & I am also here to help support you where I can. 
I am a trusting person who assumes we should always do the right thing by each other however there is the yukky side......I reserve the right to withdraw your contract if you do not adhere to these conditions. Upon the cancellation of your contract, brand reps/collaborations will be invoiced for the products received. Full payment is expected within 7 days of receiving the invoice. If this is not paid, further action will be undertaken.

Lets be open & I ask that you contact me if you are unable to meet your photo posting commitment for any reason. Communication is key, so then we can work with you for on a resolution. I understand that stuff happens & that it cannot be avoided, please just keep the communication open so we can help in any way.

I ask that you join me as a friend, someone who loves what they do, is inspired & help my brand grow. I am also happy to share anything you ask me to help you grow. Please let me know if you are taking on any roles during your term that may clash with my product. I love other brands and work closely with so many other small businesses, but unfortunately, not all businesses have the same ethics as I do and I would need to check in with them to make sure everything will work okay. 

We ask that if there is any “drama” "trolling" as sometimes situations do arise, that you do not involve us, please don't “join in”. This can be bad for both your image and Dream Inspire Dance's image. I don't like confrontation or activity that can burn any bridges for future work. So if you see anything that you feel needs to be brought to our attention. You are welcome to let me know privately.

Overall I am pretty easy going, business & relationships should be fun, & I believe we all should be able to create the life we want. Don't make life hard, so let's have some fun.

Can't wait to work with you.

Kylie xx