How to style your kids cushions in their bedroom

How to style your kids cushions in their bedroom

Styling cushions should be fun especially when they are in your kids bedrooms. 
So I thought I would give you 5 simple tips to styling your kids cushions in their bedroom.

Decide on a hero piece

Let's call your hero piece the centre of attention, because it's all about them. It's going to be the main focal point of all the other cushions you will select to coordinate with it. That's why I love to create personalised cushions for the kids bedroom or nursery, because it has their name on it making it the ultimate boss of the room.

How to style your kids cushions in their bedroom - Happy Joy Decor

Choose a colour scheme

Once you have a hero cushion selected it's good to select some colours to coordinate with it. They should work cohesively with you hero piece, like friends hanging out. They have something in common & look good together. Keep it simple with colour if you're feeling a little unsure. If you're not feeling brave enough to have wild clashing colours & patterns, then keep colours tonal. Take a look at these colours that look great with out ????

Play around with texture & pattern.

One you're feeling comfortable with your colour choice, you can start to get a little creative with some cushion texture & pattern.
Consider different patterns that include your colour choice. They could be spots, stripes, stars, cute icons, or words. Have a look for beautiful illustrations that work within your colour palette. Trust you eye & your gut you will know if it's looking great.
Next are textures, experiment with velvets, linen, suede, fur, cable knits, & other fluffy textures. A mixture of textures will look fantastic together.

Check out different cushion sizes & shapes.

Playing around with shapes, size with give your cushions an interest look. You could have a large square, a smaller square, a rectangle or circle. There are also so many options for kids cushions that are in fun shapes, like animal heads, arrows, love hearts, ohhhh I could go on & on. Seriously the sky is the limit.

You can see here in the below image a perfect example of both of the kids cushion styling tips above. This is a beautiful yet super simple arrangement with only 3 cushions style.
The hero piece absolutely has to be the geometric initial cushion as it's showcasing Brax's name.
The fluffy fur cushions looks fabulous. It's a plain & simple colour, but works so well wouldn't you agree?
Lastly in the gorgeous bear cushion. Much smaller in size but how cool is the shape.

How to style your kids cushions in their bedroom - Happy Joy Decor

Featured here is our Geometric initial boys personalised cushion.

How many cushions should be styled?

This is the million dollar question??
That really is dependant on how much space you have. You may only have a chair in their room as your baby is still in a cot.
Or if they are in a bed, this will be dependant on how much room you'd like to take up. Some of us are happy with 2 cushions, a larger cushion & smaller cushion. Where as other like more. 
Personally if I am going to style more than 2 cushions, I like an odd number. I think it styles best as there is alway one to sit alone in front of the other. Thats just a personal opinion, & how I like to do things.

My biggest tip for styling kids cushions

Have fun.
I get so sick & tired of rules on how everything should look.
There are so many opinions out there it can paralyse your thoughts, so you never try anything. Personally my idea of styling or decorating anything should be completely up to you.
Your home, including the kids bedroom or your baby's nursery, should be about what you like and how it makes you feel.

What you may love I may not like at all, but thats OK because as long as it makes you, or your kids happy, then I am happy.