What is colour & create?

Colour & create is a whole new area of my business inspired by my own love of drawing & creativity. I just know that everyone has an element of creativity, & I want to help you find it. It just takes a gentle nudge & even a few prompts.

I love to draw with my kids, it gives us time together, creates connections, starts conversations, & gives them a break from just staring mindlessly at an iPad screen.

I have a lot of Mums who tell me they can't draw anything & they're sooooo not creative. 
I disagree, & I want to show you how you can be the ROCKSTAR Mum who can draw & create.

You know how I know I can teach you to draw? 
Because I taught myself.
Yep, everything I know today is because I just had an interest, & I had a go.


I am offering a FREE mini course sharing the basic tips & tricks I have used to teach myself to draw.
It's all about shapes, & if you can draw a line, circle, square & triangle then guess what? You can draw.

You can grab your FREE course here.

I want to build a community of ROCKSTAR Mums who want to give creativity a go for themselves. It's a perfect quiet our busy minds, & also a beautiful way to spend quality time with the kids. Best of all it's just fun.

Happy Joy Colour Create will be a place filled with all of the ideas currently swirling around in my head.
I would love to give you an insight into the things I will be sharing & offering.

-learning to draw with simple tips & tricks
-drawing prompts for Mums & kids
-free printable colouring pages
-DIY paper decor that will decorate the nursery or kid's bedrooms
-colour palettes & inspiration
-finding your creative style
-drawing in procreate
-celebration creative journaling
& more .......

Don't forget to grab your FREE mini course learning to draw right here.

See you there.