Beautifully hand illustrated personalised decor

Personalised decor are not just pretty things, they are so much more. They're the memories of happiness & joy from those precious moments in your child's life. Their birth. Milestone birthdays. Baptism. Celebrations. Special moments. The transition from a nursery to a big kids room. 

Personalised decor is totally about THEIR name!!
A name is one of the biggest decisions new parents make, what it means, how it's spelt, who it was passed down from, a beloved family member or friend, it's so meaningful your heart swells with happiness. Their name is as special to us as parents, as it is for your child having their very own identity. 
I know personally, I couldn't wait to share my kid's names with everyone. I wanted to scream, Hudson & Charlotte out loud with a megaphone!! I was just so proud.
Not only does their name create their identity, but it's like a perfect package. Isn't is beautiful how it just suits them, & totally matches their personality, from the cheekiest monkey to the sweetest, most sensitive soul.
As they grow, they're proud of their name, they can't wait to introduce themselves. It's also the first name besides Mum & Dad your they want to say, read & write. Something personalised really just encompasses everything perfectly.

Not only a birth cushion or print, but an art piece that shows their most precious details, from the date they arrived, to how long, or how chubby they were. Memories in print forever. Even when they outgrow it, it still lasts forever, store the print away, or take the cushion insert out, fold it & store it in a treasure box. In years to come it's still there, those memories still there flood back. kind of like a time capsule. Another seriously heart swelling moment.

Personalised decor is that gift that is unique. A perfect gift for any occasion, a guarantee your gift won't be a duplicate of someone else's, make it exclusive from you to them, with not only a custom name, but a loving message that is personal from you. Such beautiful pieces will not only create memories but will become the centrepiece for the kid's bedroom. Can you see it right now? A cushion in the centre of their bed for the everyone to see? Or a print, framed perfectly, it will be the highlight of their walls. So much love everywhere.


Quality is important & I receive many questions from concerned parents.
Are the cushions cotton?
Is the print vinyl? Will the vinyl crack?
What if my child chews on it?
When I wash it will the colours bleed & run?

Cushion covers are made in 100% cotton. The cushion inserts are not they are made of a polyester insert fill. However take the covers off & throw them in the machine on a cold cycle wash. All cotton cushion covers are digitally printed with high quality water based inks, & heat pressed at 180'C, which means no nasties. This means no vinyl, no ink running, & it's totally OK if they're chewed on there is nothing nasty at all.      

They're soft, durable & ready to take on any toddler!! They will survive being chewed on, slobbered on, dragged around, jumped on, & played on, just take the insert out & throw it in the machine.  

Prints are printed on a beautiful high quality matte paper, with no shine & vibrant inks that look incredible. When framing yourprintss, I would consider hanging them away from direct sunlight to reduce the risk of fading & your memories will be there forever. 

Every dot, curve, & design is lovingly created by me, Kylie, a mum of two, who passionately creates & dreams in colour. I really want to add happiness & joy to every decor piece created for you. My goal is to make your home, your bedroom, the nursery, the family room & playroom feel unique to your family.

Capturing those memories for you, whether it's a beautiful name, or precious birth details is such a privilege. I adore receiving your request, simple or more complicated, but I LOVE returning them to you finished, perfectly personalised, in colour, & ready to be given to someone you love. 

Thank you again for allowing me to create for you.
Any questions always feel free to contact me, I am here to help.

Kylie x