Printable Baby Journal Page Details

A printable journal is a perfect way to record your baby's memories with photos, recording milestones & all the gorgeous things they do to make our heart explode!! 

Remember there is no order to how you collate your pages. This is your baby’s journal & you know their story better than anyone. 

This massive journal that will have you referring back to years after you complete it has 50 pages included.

Below I have detail each page for you with some of my prompted thoughts.

- Front & back cover. This will look great if you print on a heavier card stock, especially if you're having it bound afterwards.

- When we first found out. This will give an opportunity to explain if it was a surprise, planned & to share your ultra sound photo or one of you pregnant.

- About Mum. Share a bit about yourself & a photo. Mom option is also included.

- About Dad. Share a bit about yourself & a photo.

- About siblings. Tell us a bit about them. If you already have other kids there are 2 different designs so they can have their own page each. Alternate each page to make the book visually pleasing.

- Birth details. This page has been illustrated so it's frame worthy!! Add it to your baby journal with all their precious birth details, as well as printing it & hanging it it in a frame.

- Birth story. A decorative yet empty page for you to pour your heart on too. A place to describe that moment of OMG I am in labour, to everything that happened in between, right up until to your precious bub enters the world. What a beautiful reflection, your own unique story. The blank pages are ideal to print as many as you need, even use one for photos.

- Your journey home. How was the transition from the hospital to home. The car ride. How were you feeling? 

- The world around us. How much was milk? Who was in charge of our country? Best song on the radio? These are fun to look at in years to come.

- Pages one month to twelve. Each of these pages have the essentials, baby's height weight & milestones. Plus space to write about the things you love about them. Each month has a decorative additional blank page so you can add anything else you want to journal down you felt was important, funny, or anything in between.

- First birthday. What a milestone a first birthday!! A day that needs to be honoured with all the details. A place to remember their favourite present, or was it the box they enjoyed most?? The cake & other exciting things. An additional birthday decorative but blank page has been added so you can write more. How about the guest list? Use the blank pages for special photos? 

- First Easter. There is nothing like a first Easter. This page has been left for you to write anything you like. Was you baby old enough to have some chocolate? What was their reaction? Did you do anything exciting on the day? Did they like the look of the Easter Bunny? Did you do anything to make it extra exciting?

- First Christmas. This is the big one isn't it? What a celebration. Two pages have been created for this big event as there are sooo many memories to capture. What did you buy them? Were they scared of Santa? How did they go unwrapping a present. Did you dress them up especially for this day. Print this page as often as you like to get all those wonderful memories & photos down.

- Christening/Baptism. You will receive a page for either option. This page has been left for you to write anything you like. Who were their godparents? How did you celebrate? Guests who came. Print this page as often as you like to get all those wonderful memories & photos down.

- Grandparents. I believe grandparents are the next best thing to Mum & Dad. Do you have a special name for them? What do they love about your baby? Do they have nicknames? Special things they do together?

- Family tree. It's lovely for the kids to know how they came to be who they are. A simple & clean family tree with only 3 generations.
- 3 blank pages. I have added 3 decorative blank pages so you can add anything additional to your journal.

My goal is to make this baby journal easy to fill out to without too much structure, because at the end of the day your journal is your baby's story. We all have a different story.

Please don't hesitate contacting me if you have any questions.

Enjoy, Kylie