Passion to Profit

 Would you love to ....
Release that creative passion you have?
Learn how to make art prints for your home, create party invitations, help others get sorted with
organisational binders, design journals for others to memories, or create those perfect educational resources for your kids?
Learn to to turn these into printables and learn to sell them in your sleep.
Make additional income for your family, start a side hustle, or intentionally start a brand new business.

learn how to make printables & sell within a weekHey there 👋friend I'm Kylie.

I am a passionate creative and have been designing artwork for over 10 years. Recently I have worked out an easier, more profitable
way of selling, and delivering it to customers.

I have generated passive income into my life, and I want to teach you how you too can do this. 

It's easy & you don't need to be an artist, or have to worry about having a graphics degree, I want to teach you how to create
printables and change your life financially.

                                              My intention is to support you fully along the journey from concept to selling your idea, the right way!

learn to make printables & make passive income
    • You have a creative spark.
    • Have an idea and passion to you know can be made into a printable.
    • You're willing to put in the work to market you printables.
    • You're keen to fin your own unique creative style.
    • You're ready to dive into a market of people who love printables and how they make a difference in their lives.
    • You want to be involved in an inspiring creative Facebook community.


  • You like the idea of printables but are not that passionate
  • You're expecting this passive income to be a get rich scheme.
  • Not interested in marketing your products & brand
  • Not for copycats or think you can sell others ideas as your own.


learn to make printables 

There are 5 modules in this course, with everything you will need to open your shop ASAP.

You will decide what printables you want love to create and learn how to make them. 
There will be videos, a list of tools to you, templates & other resources to make your journey FUN and simple.




  • The empowerment of creating printables.
  • Coming up with you printable idea, let's brainstorm the endless possibilities.
  • A quick math experiment to show the true potential of passive income.
  • Selling platforms - my preferred options are Etsy and Shopify.
  • Other investments



  • Let's create.
  • Defining your own creative style so you'll never become a copycat.
  • Let's discuss graphics.
  • Using fonts.
  • Collecting colour palette ideas. 




  • Get rid of that "but I am not an artist" syndrome
  • Learning Canva basics
  • Learning Procreate basics
  • Templates for printables
  • Website templates 
  • Social media templates




        • Uploading printables to your shop
        • Creating a cohesive collection.
        • Packaging printables for your shop
        • Evergreen printables vs season printables 
        • Product images & drop shadows.
        • Product photos vs stock images
        • Pricing                                



  • Socials media
  • A focus on Pinterest marketing
  • Screen video
  • Email list & freebies




Signing up to the "Passion To Profit Printables Course", will save you hours googling everything & trying to figure it all out.

The course will run over 6 weeks. 
A Facebook group will be used for support and constant inspiration with weekly live lesson discussions. I am here to truly inspire and help you reach your crative goals.
Class content will be provided in the format of videos, PDF's and live discussions.
A bonus last week where I will be there, hanging out with your so you ask any questions and help out where I can.

As this is a beta course I will aim to have as many modules completed, and will always endeavour to be at least 2 weeks ahead of you. 


$350 - VIP
The course plus 1 hour one on one session so I can help brainstorm your idea, discuss creative thoughts &  can make a plan to sell & bring your printable dream alive.