New Artwork Girls Social Butterfly Wall Art Print

It's been a few weeks since I have sketched a new design that was completely influenced by my daughter Charlotte. I have to honestly admit she is quite the 'social butterfly'. Staying home & not being with friends seems to be quite the boring option for her. She lives to be with her friends at dancing, & her best boy buddy Jobe, our neighbour. Keeping her still can be quite the challenge. I feel so blessed that this kid is full of beans, although it can be quite tiring at times. She reminds me a lot like myself when I was younger. Growing up all I wanted to do is be with my friends. It wasn't always my school friends, but...

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Creative colour inspiration - mint yellow grey

Colour inspiration is everything to me & I am absolutely loving the colours mint yellow & grey together. There is something so fresh & modern about them, especially when teamed with white. I know most parents today love to find out what the sex of their baby is, I know I did, but there are still many who love the anticipation of waiting for a surprise. I think the colour combination of mint yellow & grey is such a perfect unisex nursery option. With such gorgeous colours, I thought I would get a bit art happy myself & create a 4 piece digital print set ideal for nurseries. The elephant pattern & Braver print are available here in my shop. I...

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