4 Insanely Unique Kids Dressers

  Kid's bedrooms can be as simple or as insanely interesting as you want. I mean it's all about one's individual taste, isn't it?I think we could all admit to loving unique furniture pieces for their kid's bedrooms. There are so many incredible designs out there, there is literally something for everyone's personality. I came across these kids bedroom dressers & was so blown away I had to share them. I don’t need to say many words, I think they speak for themselves.  Product links left to right; 1. Brian Dresser 2. Joined at the hip dressers 3. Raymond dresser 4. Accordion dresser, & also my favourite of the designs. Are they pieces you would have in your kids rooms?I personally could not see...

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New Artwork Girls Social Butterfly Wall Art Print

It's been a few weeks since I have sketched a new design that was completely influenced by my daughter Charlotte. I have to honestly admit she is quite the 'social butterfly'. Staying home & not being with friends seems to be quite the boring option for her. She lives to be with her friends at dancing, & her best boy buddy Jobe, our neighbour. Keeping her still can be quite the challenge. I feel so blessed that this kid is full of beans, although it can be quite tiring at times. She reminds me a lot like myself when I was younger. Growing up all I wanted to do is be with my friends. It wasn't always my school friends, but...

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Creative colour inspiration - mint yellow grey

Colour inspiration is everything to me & I am absolutely loving the colours mint yellow & grey together. There is something so fresh & modern about them, especially when teamed with white. I know most parents today love to find out what the sex of their baby is, I know I did, but there are still many who love the anticipation of waiting for a surprise. I think the colour combination of mint yellow & grey is such a perfect unisex nursery option. With such gorgeous colours, I thought I would get a bit art happy myself & create a 4 piece digital print set ideal for nurseries. The elephant pattern & Braver print are available here in my shop. I...

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