Winter 2017 kids trends & inspiration

Even though it's still sweltering in the country, I have to really start switching my brain to the autumn/winter seasons. 

I love Autumn, it's probably my favourite season of the year from a personal reflection. The days are still milder, & you can feel the crispness in the air. It's a break from the heat, & clothing wise, I love to layer. I tolerate winter, which is probably the best word for it. I hate being cold, I go outside less, & my feet always feel like permanent ice. But I do love hot soup, wintery comfort food, & red wine.

My decor brand doesn't have a separate winter season, as I don't have a clothing collection. My brand kind of runs all year round, with seasonal, add on's. That's not to say winter trends don't apply, they absolutely do.

It's always fun to create new designs that have a Wintery influence. The colours I use change, & I am influenced by trending animals, patterns, & other icons happening. 

New colours. New patterns, New trends.
It's a time where I spend a bit of time sourcing, so lots of web surfing, checking out my favourite brands, it's always fun, it gives me that bolt of inspiration.

Check out some fun inspiration that I have found that will no doubt apply to my direction this year.

All images from Emily Kidd

How lovely are the colours? Quite muted by so pretty.
Pattern designs are quite simple, & not a lot of colour is going on.
That's always been a struggle for me simple colour combinations as I love creating with it so much, but I love the challenge.

I am feeling this year you will see a lot simpler version of my work. 

I am really looking forward to sitting & spending this time carving out what is ahead. 

I can't wait to share.

Kylie x


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