Why I love using heat packs

It's that time of year again, the warm summer has left us, the days are mild but you can feel the coolness of the air. I love Autumn for all those reasons, after a long summer it's lovely to be able to get cuddly under a blanket, warm jumper, throw on your Ugg boots, & also warm up with a heat pack. I have been using heat packs forever. Mum & Dad were a huge advocate of them, but I could never stand the smell of the wheat inside them. After a while it had such a stale smell to it. When I decided the make them I knew rice was the way to go. They don't smell, they stay warmer so much longer, & they can be popped in the freezer as a cold pack too. Heat packs are so simple & practical with so many uses. personalised heat packs Please note I am not a doctor, my reasons for using them are from personal experience & general advice from my osteopath over the years. I find them perfect for when you’re feeling a little achey. Especially if you’ve slept the wrong way, or your neck is a little stiff, which is my problem as I am on a computer so much. They are also great for menstrual cramps, & are really just perfectly good for anytime you feel like using one. Use by adding some warmth to sore muscles, easing strains, & giving back some mobility. I use them constantly on different muscles, especially when I have been sore from the gym. Warm it up, pop it on the spot & let the magic begin. Warm & soothing & I love mine with lavender, it smells divine. Today we are all so conscious of introducing unnecessary toxins in our homes, & we seem to also generally like trying natural health alternatives. By using raw rice in the heat packs to warm us, I know it is natural, safe & works brilliantly. They are so warm for longer which is great in avoiding constant trips to reheat in the microwave. The lavender (which is optional), used inside my heat packs is grown locally here in rural Victoria, so again I don’t have to be concerned about not knowing where my ingredients come from. personalised heat packs personalised heat packs personalised heat packs With so many toasty benefits a heat pack can give, I can see why every year they are an ideal & winning gift for mum. Personalise them with Mum, Mummy, their name or even for Nanna. It's completely up to you. You can find all heat pack designs here, & also within my Mother's Day category.

Enjoy, Kylie x

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