Girl's Dinosaur Wall Art

girls dinosaur personalised print set

Finally, some really cool dinosaur wall art for girls.
Girls love dinosaurs too, & there are just way too many designs out there in your standard boy colours. I just don't think there are enough girl versions around. 

With the release of the latest Jurassic Park movie, which is on my list to see over the school holidays, had me drawing these prehistoric creatures. 
Naturally, I had to make them prettier. 

girls t-rex dinosaur personalised wall print

Even though the T-Rex is to scariest, I just had to include her in my illustrations. She made be scariest, but so loved. That giant head, huge teeth are awesome, but those tiny hands still amaze me.

My favourite vegetarian, the Brontosaurus, I love watching them in movies chomping high on the treetops, I am not sure if it's just me, but they have such a friendly & somewhat gentle manner about them. 

Girls Dinosaur Brontosaurus Personalised Wall Art Print

I have just released in store today 3 brand new girl dinosaur print.
A girls dinosaur 3 print set including my fave T-Rex & Brontosaurus.
If you're not after taking up that much wall space, there is the T-Rex personalised print & the Brontosaurus personalised print.


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