To wrap or not to wrap the presents that go in the Santa Sacks.

With Christmas only weeks away I know the gift lists are at the front of our minds.
A conversation came up not long ago with a group of friends.
The big question was, to wrap or not wrap Santa Sack gifts. 

To wrap or not to wrap the presents that go in the Santa Sacks.

I confessed to them I am one of those ridiculous mums who is up until all hours Christmas Eve wrapping Christmas presents. Telling them how I help Santa wrap his presents ready for the Santa Sack also. But I did clarify that Santa has his very own paper, so we know the difference.
I had 3 of my friends look at me gobsmacked, wide eyed & asked you do what? 
In my defence, I thought that is what everyone did, but apparently not.

One said, there's absolutely no need to, as it distinguishes Santa presents from Mum & Dad's really easily. Santa's are in the sack, & mum & Dad's are wrapped. Simple.
She also mentioned it makes it easier as what presents fit in the sack are from Santa, & what doesn't are from her & hubby.

The second said she does it for the first reason also, but also because it cuts down on the paper. She said the paper without Santa's gifts wrapped, already fill her recycling bins.

One friend said she just shoves what fits in the Santa Sack from Santa as she simply just can't be bothered.

My other 2 friends there, also wrap gifts for the kids Santa Sacks & were equally stunned. Like me, they love the whole experience, the different paper, seeing the kids faces when they open all of their surprises. But I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference. We do end up with a paper storm, but I guess you get used to it.

I do think not wrapping them would be so much simpler, but I have wrapped right from the beginning, I just couldn't stop now.

You can check out our whole Santa Sack collection here, & let me know what you will do this Christmas.

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