The cutest 😉solution for storing toys👌

OMG the fight to tidy up constantly can be a battle & a half wouldn't you agree?

You tidy up & then turn around & it's there again 😂#mumbattles

There was one thing that drove me bananas 🍌when the kids were little, toys all
​over the floor.⁣ Especially the tiny ones. 
I'm talking matchbox cars, figurines & don't even go there with Lego & small blocks. When I stood on one, you know that feeling!!


Alphabet personalised kids toy storage sack - Happy Joy Decor

The whole reason behind creating our toy storage sacks was to combat this, PLUS, I didn't just want generic storage boxes everywhere. I mean boxes have their place don't get me wrong, but I found they get cracked or if you live in my house, lids somehow go missing somehow 🤷‍♀️

I wanted something stylish, storage that has personality, character & of course if I could personalise it even better. So hence the toy storage sacks I designed.

I loved the idea of large storage bags that looked stylish, I didn't have to worry about losing or having cracked lids. The kids could easily drag them around with the thick cord drawstring, & access whatever their toy of the day was. 
They are machine washable too, so I could always keep them looking their best.

Now our toy storage sacks are really big!!⁣ Like 70x50cm big !!⁣
You can even pack your kids up 😂​look at 12 month old Nate here.

So there is plenty of room to pack soft toys, barbies, dolls furniture, building blocks, Lego, figurines, or whatever else your little one loves to play with.⁣

Australian animal personalised kids toy storage sack - Happy Joy Decor

I created these as I knew other Mum's would be having the same toy issues I was having.

I was right & these have been such a hit.

I have given these as gifts to my Mummy friends with kids, & they sure have been appreciated.
Hello birthday 🎂 Christmas 🎄
They totally beat all the plastic rubbish in the shops today.⁣

Pop their name on it, so they're not only useful but personal, & then there is no excuse for them, not knowing where to put away their toys 😂 #mumgoals

I'd love you to pop over & see my toy storage collection.
Oh & don't forget if you think these would be a great idea, make sure you utilise the buy 2 & save offer.

Enjoy, Kylie x

kids personalised toy storage sacks - Happy Joy Decor

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