Spring colour trends

With spring here, even though the season is not reflective of this, as it brrr cold, it's nice to know that sunshine is ahead, days will get warmer, longer, & hanging around outside will be a happy choice.

What I love about spring is colour change. I LOVE LOVE colour, it can change a mood, lift you up, make you smile, connect you to a memory, & create inspiration for change.

Colour trends are so important for me as a creator & thought I would share some spring colour pallets I have created for myself, working with colour trends I have seen popping up all over this world wide web.

I have a couple of trends all planned with colours I am using across my spring summer collection which will be released soon. For now here are 2 colour palettes I am loving & have enjoyed creating with so much.

spring summer 2017 colours summer lovin' 

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My summer lovin' colours to me perfectly sum up sunshine & flowers.
I think of fresh bright colour, strong pastel shades, that look & feel effortless when you look at them. I think of warm days, flowers blooming everywhere, colours that will lift your mood. I am thinking about eating ice cream, happiness & laughing with your best friend. Wearing flowy dresses & pretty swimmers, picking flowers & displaying them your own way in a vase. Summer lovin' is bright, fresh, & packed with happiness.

spring summer 2017 colour trends seaside chillin'

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Seaside chillin' has a relaxed nautical feel. I love the beach, I love the pool, I enjoy walking down the pier with my kids in summer looking for fish. I enjoy the water in the summer as a way to cool off & relax. A nautical colour palette doesn't necessarily mean a whole collection of nautically inspired designs, instead, colours that represent such a classic style. Modern shades of red, white of blue are classic, add a touch f pink even aneutrall stone & it's a whole different feel. You know same but different.

Enjoy, Kylie x


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