School Teachers Deserve The Biggest Thanks

I am always in awe of teachers, whether they are kindergarten, primary school, high school or daycare teachers.

They are all incredible!!

They are preparing the next generation of our country.
They will be the ones, besides parents & family, responsible for inspiring our kids to become what they choose, a doctor, tradesman/woman, dancer, artist, teacher, or any other dream they have.

A teacher really is 
the next person our kids learn to respect, trust, admire & learn tolerance & kindness from.

personalised school teacher gifts

It's that time of year again where the kids get to say thanks.

From experience, I know my kids have always got such enjoyment at presenting their teacher with a gift of appreciation at the end of the year.
They have done this from kindergarten, & now also doing it at primary school.

Giving their teachers a gift has always been just as rewarding for me every year.
I have seen how their lessons they have taught  my kids academically, & also from a personal growth perspective, it's been astounding.

personalised school teacher gifts
Giving a gift that is personal & practical has always been important.
Something they can use, & making it personal, with their name, the year, & students name, will always be such a beautiful memory.

personalised school teacher gifts

I have brand new designs this year of my teacher appreciation tea towels that I know you will love! There are also the favourites from last year that are still popular.  

If you need to buy 2, please make sure you order the bundle & save option here, pop in each design & the details & that's it.

Giving a gift that is personal & practical has always been important to me, a way to say thanks again. Having their name, the year & students name will always be such a beautiful memory.

Any questions always feel free to email me & ask away.

Thanks so much for reading,

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