Really Cool Crafts For Boys To Make

Melbourne is in its last week of school holidays, & I have adored being with the kids, but
I always seem to drop my bundle from a work perspective. 
Not good, as catch up isn't fun.
I somehow tend to wind down a bit with them which throws me, & the slack version of myself appears. Eeeeek

It's been nice & I haven't overdone it, we've been relatively low-key.
We have watched some movies, been rollerblading, & caught up with friends, & tomorrow I am off to the zoo.
It's been just enough, & a good balance of both.

I always like to do some arty craft things with them, & found some cute things to make. But for the first time in ages,
they said they didn't feel like it. Sad face :(

However, we did we did manage to make something.

Let me backtrack to the 1st Monday of the school holidays.
I took Hudson to his see his idol, DanTDM, for those of you who have boys that play Minecraft you'll know who I mean.
For those who don't, he is a gamer that plays Minecraft, & has a YouTube channel, with a small following of just over
20 million subscribers. Yep, a guy in his mid-twenties, who just plays games, that are incredibly well curated, thoughtful,
& he seems to be incredibly funny to Hudson. his connection with kids is fantastic, I just can't knock him,
he's a clever guy worth more money than I will ever make.

Really Cool Crafts For  Boys To Make

Hudson scored big with his DanTDM merchandise, & sent me broke too.
Totally highway robbery, but the joy on his face was worth so much more.
In his show program was a brilliant DIY for him to make. 
An 80's style joystick. I grew up on those, but to him, it was all new.
In DanTDM's show they used a giant joystick & he played a Pac Man style game.
So we used one of his Dad's scotch boxes (haha), half a Pringles tube, some
Fanta soft drink bottle tops, paper, double sided tape & markers. 
After following the instructions, this is what he created.

Really Cool Crafts For  Boys To Make

His very own, Hudzee joystick.
Can you see the happiness beaming from his face? It's contagious.

My kids still using their imagination & experimenting is still really important to me. 
I also know if you find the right activity, you don't need to encourage it, it just happens.
A big thanks to DanTDM for this moment.

Boys can be more challenging to create so here are a few more DIY's that might spark his creativity.

Really Cool Crafts For  Boys To Make

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I hope today's post has inspired you to get the boys creating & using their imaginations.

Kylie x

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