5 Reading Nook Inspiration For Kids

Reading books are a big deal in our house.
When I was a kid I had such an interest in books, reading has always come quite easily to me. Prior to that, looking at beautifully illustrated books was always such a treat me for.
I don't ever recall my parents sitting & reading to me for hours & hours. They encouraged it, but it was usually something I did on my own.

The first adult I recall really encouraging me to read was my primary school library teacher, Mrs Green. She nurtured my love for books, & made my library class something so exciting to look forward to each week. Unfortunately for me, I was always limited to the number of books I could borrow!!

5 Reading Nook Inspiration For Kids

Fortunately, my love for books has been passed along to my kids. I have read to them so much, especially when they were little, which has really encouraged them to want to read alone.

My eldest Hudson is a reading machine. I honestly can not believe at the sweet age of 9, just how much, & fast he reads. He started on the Captain Underpants series, which is such a fantastic collection of books for boys & girls. Then on to the tree house collection, Star Wars, Goosebumps, & everything else he can get his hands on. His teacher has commented on how well he not only reads but understand the context of the stories too. Sweet music to me ears.

5 Reading Nook Inspiration For Kids
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Charlotte is really getting there also with her reading, & is really into reading the Billie B Brown series. She's only 7 & blows me away also with her love for books & enthusiasm.

5 Reading Nook Inspiration For Kids

For the past couple of weeks I have been clearing out all of the baby toys in their playroom. It's time to redecorate the room, & I would really love to pop in a reading nook area where they can just sit & relax. The read a lot in bed, but it would be great for them to have somewhere they can go to & just read whenever they please.

5 Reading Nook Inspiration For Kids
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So I hit my trusty image resource pinterest for inspiration, & that is exactly what I got.
So much so I have had to create my very own reading nook for kids board, there are some really cool reading nooks out there for kids. You can check out my board here

5 Reading Nook Inspiration For Kids

How stunning are the teepee reading nooks? They are just beautiful.
I could seriously just crawl up inside both of them, however, after a few pages of reading, I think I'd be napping instead.

As much as I adore the teepee style, it's not really the look I am after, purely because they are getting older, & I know a 9 year boy wouldn't want to be in a teepee. I want to keep it simple, relatively gender neutral, & stylish. 

My picks, the first & last image, it's simple & looks like a perfect little place to read & relax.

I know one thing for sure when I create my own kids reading nooks I will be adding in their very own personalised cushion. They're big & comfy & perfect for resting on while reading a book. You can see all of the girls cushions here & boys here.
I know you love them so while you're looking grab yourself a discount here.

Kylie :)

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