Rainbow Dreams Kids Inspirational Moodboard

There is something so inspirational that I just love about rainbows.
I actually can't resist a bright splash of colour. When there is a rainbow at my house there is always a rush of excitement from the kids squealing about it. It reminds me of the sweet pleasures of nature. I am glad they are still a curious highlight in their lives.

Rainbow Dreams Kids Inspirational Moodboardrainbow moodboard

Hudson Charlotte and I are huge fans of rainbows. We still get a big smiles on our faces when we see one. It will always have a magical feel.

Charlotte is always up for wearing one, putting a rainbow of bows in her hair, drawing one, googling one or creating anything that resembles one.
Hudson not so much. I think he is just happy to look at them haha.

I have found 7 gorgeous rainbow finds that I am sure will pop a smile on your face.

Images from left to right; 1. Rainbow Bead Necklace 2. I can Sing A Rainbow Wall Art Print 3. Rainbow Pom Poms 4. Rainbow Knit Dress 5. Rollerskates....OMG aren't they incredible? 6. Rainbow Heart Fabric 7. Rainbow Love Personalised Cushion

Enjoy, Kylie xo 

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