Rainbow doughnut personalised milestone cards

Rainbow doughnut personalised milestone cards

If you have a new baby 👶 & love a big burst of colour & have some fun, I think my new rainbow & doughnut printable milestone cards just might be perfect for you.

Printable milestone cards are such a perfect way to capture photos of your baby from their first weeks into the months ahead. You will not only be able to record gorgeous photos by week & month, but also by other milestones.

I wish they had been around when my kids were firstborn. I just took photos, which I adore & treasure, but add a pop of fun would have been AWESOME!!

I love the idea of capturing moments & beautiful achievements of our babies. 
Like rolling over for the first time, eating their first solid foods, getting their first tooth & even when they FINALLY sleep through the night.

There are just a couple of milestone achievements, with so many more.
Watching them grow & develop into toddlers really makes your heart swell with love 💗 & joy.

As well as a perfect way for parents to create memories of their baby, these are also a great baby shower gift.

Seriously if you know the gender of the new bub, print them off & package them with your own unique personality & style. Add them to a newborn hamper or just tie them in a giant bow.

Oh, & did I mention that I have you covered if you get stuck with inspiration on how to take some fantastic newborn baby photos. I love Pinterest & have a whole board dedicated to baby photo inspiration right here

WARNING ... it's cuteness overload.

You can check out the rainbow 🌈 & doughnut 🍩 milestone cards here as well as seeing the other designs on offer.

Oh & I forgot to mention that as a bonus you receive a checklist with 50 photos to take of your baby in their first year. Now I know you're probably thinking OMG why would I need that I know what photos to take. Yep you're right, but I also know from experience TIME FLIES in the first month, combined with lack of sleep & the attention of a baby, sometimes we forget, or just need a list to keep us on track.
You can check that list out here.

Sometimes we just need a reminder.

Still unsure? I have 12 FREE that you can try out for yourself before you buy.
Download them here.

Enjoy Kylie 

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