Pretty Pastel Pink Girls Bedroom Decor Mood Board

I don't think I will ever tire of the colour pink. It's in my heart, I have just adored it ever since I was a littler girl. I never went through a phase of hating it or resisting it either, I truly have always been in love with this stunning colour.

I love all shades of pink, & at the moment the prettier the better is really inspiring me. Pink can life the mood of a room girls nursery or bedroom, it's classic & lets face it so pretty. Right now add a touch of gold with pink & I am seriously in heaven.

Pretty Pastel Pink Girls Bedroom Decor Mood Board

I love to promote independant small businesses & I am thrilled to say all of the beautiful pieces featured are Australian designed & owned. If you're thinking of decorating her room, or buying a gift always make sure to try & shop local.
Supporting women in small business, especially those of us at home with kids is really special to me, as that is how I started my journey.

All of the amazing pieces are referenced above & below.
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I'd love you to leave a comment, tell me which is your favourite piece, or head over to my Instagram feed & tell me there.

Kylie :)

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