Plane Inspired Boys Bedroom Decor

My kids found planes fascinating too, they only needed to hear one roaring in the sky & their heads would looks straight to the sky. Plane mumma plane!

I have created some plane inspired bedroom decor for the boys. There aren't many colours in the flying high personalised cushion, hoping it will coordinate perfectly in any boys bedroom.

Some inspiration wall art for the boys also, so we can remind hem to let those dreams take flight. The artwork gives the option of personalisation too.

boys plane inspired personalised bedroom decor

The paper buntings are something I am working on in the future to coordinate with all of my collections, & hoping to sell them as downloads soon.

But for now the flying high personalised cushion & dreams wall art are both in store now.

If you're keen to discover more boys bedroom inspiration you can do so by checking out my boy's bedroom inspiration board & follow along for loads more updates.

 Enjoy, Kylie :)

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