Out of quarantine FREE printable flags

Wow, the last few months have been a complete change of life haven't they?
Coronavirus definitely changed the world, how we act, behave and especially our awareness.

Thankfully the virus is flatlining and slowly month by month restrictions are easing and we are all getting a hint of normality again. My kids go back to school on June 9th, and they can't wait, and I can't wait. Being home like this I believe is not good for them, they need their friends, their teachers and their sports teams.

Coronavirus will definitely be an event in history so I thought I would add something positive to it. Not that there has been anything fun, or overly positive about the Coronavirus, or the lives it's affected, but surviving the quarantine, now definitely has been a big goal achieved by us all.

Quarantine Free printable flags

Especially for the kids, being home not burning their usual physical or mental energy. I thought the kids could celebrate with a printable flag. Whether the kids are returning back to school, daycare or your first social outing with other people than just your family.

I have two flags for you to print off with slightly different words. No need to decided you'll receive both anyway.

Simple to create, print your flags out on paper, or card which I suggest will result in a better finish. 
Cut your choice of flag out, or both if you wish, and on the reverse side of the flag, stick it to something long & skinny. I have used a chopstick here.

Easy breezy and a great way to document another celebration in your life.

Download here or click either image.

Enjoy, Kylie 🌸

Quarantine Free printable flags


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