Personalised cushions that are slobber proof ... chew proof ...... baby 👶proof !!

kids personalised name cushions - Happy Joy Decor

Isn't it funny as a Mum when we have bought something beautiful for our baby 👶 & kids we tend to keep it away from them? I know, this as I did it too.
We want to keep things beautiful, looking pristine, & once we try to do this have you notice how they want it even more?

I totally hear you Mumma & I get it, but in the same thought it's kinda crazy 😜 isn't it? I mean it's finding the perfect balance of hey gorgeous, I want you to love this as much as I do, but I don't want you to love it toooooo much, so I'll just put it out of arms reach.

Know where I am coming from?

kids personalised name cushions - Happy Joy Decor

I am really proud of personalised cushions, the quality, how they are printed & how they will last the distance, becoming a beautiful keepsake in years to come. 

My cushions are slobber proof, chew proof, & pretty much baby proof.

I am super proud of this because as I have been designed them with all us Mumma's in mind.

I want them to be used.

I want it to be OK for kids decor to be touched, or like Posey above,  & give them a big smooch 💋

Happy Joy Decor kids and baby personalised cushions

kids and baby's personalised cushion - Happy Joy Decor

So if you're wondering why are mine so great, well because I absolutely love creating them, I put my heart & soul into them.

But I know you're after some more details, even facts so I'd love to share them with you. My beautiful quality is what will have you keeping these cushions for years to come, the ultimate keepsake 🥰

My cushion covers are a beautiful 100% durable cotton, which I prefer for kid's, as they look great, & also a natural fibre.

happy Joy Decor personalised kids & babies decor

I am often asked are the designs on my cushion prints vinyl transfers? 

The prints on Happy Joy Decor personalised cushions are absolutely NOT vinyl transfers.

All prints are printed directly on to fabric just like you would print on to paper.
The printed design feels smooth, not sticky, it won't crack, peel, or come off.
Inks are waterbased & after printing, I heat set them at 180'c in a heat press so there is no colour running, or bleeding.

My prints won't fade, but if your cushion was left in direct sunlight 24/7, or washed daily, your print could eventually lose some of its vibrancy & fade over a long period of time.

Our cushions are machine washable!!
So if bub wants to lay on them, chew & leave some slobber, it's OK just pop it in the washing machine. Wash them inside out & cold water, easy peasy.

Thank goodness for that I say, it makes loving the kid's cushions so much easier....not stressing, knowing you can wash them.

Kids and baby's personalised cushions - Happy Joy Decor

Basically, I want your kids to enjoy them.

I'd love you to take a look at all of my cushion collections below.

I offer a large collection for boys & girls personalised cushions as well as birth cushions.

SO many choices for your little one whether you're buying the perfect piece to finish their nursery or bedroom. Or if you are on the hunt for the perfect newborn gift, first birthday, Christening, Baptism or Christmas gift.
I guarantee there will be something that fits their little personality perfectly.

If you have any questions feel free to ask away.

Have a great day, Kylie 

Happy Joy Decor kids & baby personalised cushions


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