New girls personalised cushion designs

I have lots of new kids personalised cushions being created at the moment. 
I love it, I have so many ideas in my head, & I can not work fast enough to finish them.
Here is a glimpse into some of the new girl's cushion designs.

They are only printed panels & not sewn as yet, but I just wanted to share them with you.
I still have to finish them & photograph them. I am literally bribing my daughter this time around to do some modelling for me with them in her bedroom. Her payment, something she would really like. Goodness knows what it will be, but I will be sure to let you know the outcome. I am sure it will be a beanie boo or something!

girls personalised bedroom cushions

I love creating for babies but this time I wanted to design with a little bit of an older age group in mind. Charlotte is 7 years old now & my inspiration. She's always in the know of what girls her age like & I love her telling me.
Pink black & white I just adore right now. It has the simplicity of monochrome with the pops of colour I love. I also think it has a sophisticated feel. 

My ballerina has grown up, her face is that bit older which is great for all girls age groups but particularly the younger girl, as she isn't babyish looking.

girls personalised bedroom cushions

Above is my hello cushion a simple design with popular naughts & crosses but in beautiful colours. I love the coral & pink together it gives me that summery feeling while we are bang smack in the middle of winter.

girls personalised bedroom cushions

Lastly my spring deer design, soft colours with pretty florals. I love the mint green, & with the other colours within it, I am sure it will look great in most bedrooms. 

I am squealing with excitement to get them all finished & photographed to share them with you all to see.

Stay tuned, you will be able to see the progress of them in my Instagram stories.

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