NEW!!! Kids personalised storage sacks.

I am feeling quite excited as I have something new to share with you.

I don't know about you, but keeping the 
kids toys, books, lego, dolls clothes & crafts tidy seems like a never ending chore. I am always looking for good looking storage to categorise things & keep everything as organised as much as I can. 

The other day I was having a tidy up & found some of last Christmas's misprinted Santa Sacks.
I can't believe how long ago Christmas feels. I was thinking about the lovely emails I received from customers post Christmas, letting me know how much they loved their Santa sacks, & how useful they were on Christmas day. Not only for the kids wrapped presents in the morning, but how good they were to take with them to keep their new presents inside.
Nothing was lost or left behind.
It seemed so obvious that these sacks would be PERFECT for storing the kid's toys also.

personalised storage sacks for kids bedrooms or play spaces

How obvious!!!  
An answer right under my nose. So guess what I did?
Yep, I created a whole collection of storage sacks. Some personalised, some not, some for boys, some for girls, & a few gender neutral designs.

I'd really love you to check them out here & feel free to let me know which one you like best.



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