New Business name same person!!

A big day for me today I am officially announcing my new business name.Happy Joy Decor

So a new name, but the same person!!
After 5 years why would I do this you must be wondering?
I initially used my name as I had different ambitions back then to what I have today.
My passion is to draw & create beautiful decor for babies & kids rooms making them smile. I just felt my own personal name didn't reflect my business & what I did. My name Kylie Loy really means nothing or gives absolutely no indication of what I do.

So sticking to my passion & what makes me happy I have made the leap & created a new identity that I know will make my brand even stronger.

I don't feel nervous I feel good which is every indication that I have made the right choice. It actually has energised me.

Hope you stick around & see what new ideas I have moving forward.



PS..Grab 10% off your first order & become a part of a VIP group & being the first to see new products & exclusive deals.

kids decor & wall art can always find me here on Instagram & Pinterest too.

Shipping worldwide.


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