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Can you believe how fast we are heading into the new year?
It's still 4 weeks until my kids head back to school, but I just know that will happen very quickly. 

A new year means back to school, & I remember as a kid it was my favourite time ever!! Especially when it came to book lists, new stationary & decorating my books.
Seriously the BEST TIME EVER!!! Everything matched & everything had to be perfect. 

I loved having my name favourite pictures all over my books, along with my name, subject & what year I was in. I became a pro at using contact & smoothed those bubbles out like a master.

Dinosaur personalised book cover - Happy Joy Decor

So my love of perfectly decorated books has moved straight to my daughter. It means just as much to her as it did me. She was telling me how she'd love to decorate her books with some of my work, but it had to all kind of match but be different.

So one little sentence gave me the idea of creating some printable book cover sets, all with a theme, personalised with names, subjects & of course the year.

Swan Printable Personalised Book Covers - Happy Joy Decor

 So what do you get in my new personalised printable book covers?
* Four totally different personalised designs but all the same theme.
* Six bookmarks again all different but with the same theme.
* School goals sheet.
* A books to read sheet.
* A to do today/tomorrow sheet.
* All fun & perfect for a new school year.

Jungle Safari Personalised Book Covers - Happy Joy Decor
I have a whole collection with so many different designs, & I am always adding to them.

You can take a look at them all here.

Of course, if you have any more questions always feel free to ask.

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