The 6 best selling girls personalised cushions

I am often asked when somebody wants to buy a girl's personalised cushion, which is your favourite?
What is the best seller?
What's popular?
Great questions & sometimes tricky to answer as everyone has such specific tastes.

But based on sales I get a really good gauge on whats selling really well at this moment, & here is what is hot!

6 best girls personalised birth cushions

From the top left to right.
Unicorn cushion.
Moon dancer
Floral wreath
Blue Bird
Classic Charlotte cushion in pink or purple
Classic Charlotte cushion in apple green or raspberry

So what do you think of the best sellers? Is there a design in there that you love? If not no probelm, I have heaps more girls personalised cushions where you can find them all here.

Don't forget to check out the girls birth cushions if you're after something that will capture precious details, you can see them here.

Kylie :)

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