Mumma's Who Style - Alex from @inquisitive.heart

I am so super excited to be launching the "Mumma's who style series".

Designing kids and babies personalised decor is my passion, but seeing how it is styled and thoughtfully placed into a room is what makes my heart skip a beat.
I adore seeing how others interpret what I create into their very own style, their vision. What colours are used to coordinate with it, what other amazing brands are there too, the layout of rooms, the creativity and styling it's seriously amazing.

Sharing a series like this is the perfect way to showcase the talent these Mumma's have, I see it every day on Instagram & Pinterest & it blows my mind.

So much eye candy!!

These women have a clever eye and a passion that comes from their heart, being brave by sharing their own unique and creative style with all of us.

Their rooms inspire others from creators to other Mumma's & I just want to say thank you.

Today I want to introduce my first amazing Mamma to the series, Alex from @inquisitive.heart I have known Alex for a few years now via Instagram, and she has also been a brand rep for me taking incredible some photos of my products in her super stylish kid's rooms, amongst many other handpicked designs.
I have seen Parker's room evolve over the last couple of years & I am excited for her to share her talent with us all.

Thanks so much, Alex for saying yes & being my very first guest I am truly grateful. I can't wait to share Parker's bedroom with everyone.

Mammas who style featuring Alex from @inquisitive.heart - Happy Joy Decor

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Heya! I’m Alex. I’m a Mum of two, Parker who is four and Lacey is one.
Along with my husband, three dogs and cat, we live in Melbourne.
Apart from being a Mum, I am a passionate early childhood educator and a product stylist.

How would you describe your style & what’s the inspiration behind it?

I find great joy in photography, but even more than that, styling my children’s bedrooms and playroom with my favourite being my son’s room (sorry Lacey, yours will win my heart one day).

Mammas who style featuring Alex from @inquisitive.heart - Happy Joy Decor

How would you describe your style & what’s the inspiration behind it?

I would say my style is a bit scandi, theme driven and a simple colour palette.
I think I style this way because I struggle to decide on something permanent, so when I do I run with it!

What part of the design process did you enjoy most?

I am a visual person so when I’m designing a space or room, I have to draw it out or move everything to see what it looks like. This can sometimes not work out but I feel satisfied in trying.

Mammas who style featuring Alex from @inquisitive.heart - Happy Joy Decor

What’s your favourite part of their room & why?

In Parker’s room, I love the theme (ocean/sea life). It is such a beautiful a wide variety style with so many amazing businesses who sell and create items that suit.
I have a few favourite pieces within his room, one being his bed mainly because he loves it so much. Another favourite is his wall of sea life decals which bring so much life into his room.

Do you have a favourite keepsake piece?

I love having personalised items in his room like cushions, prints and his keepsake box full of memories from his first year.

Mammas who style featuring Alex from @inquisitive.heart - Happy Joy Decor

What’s one thing you would suggest when considering styling your child’s bedroom?

My best advice in styling a room would be don’t overcrowd and try it out before making permanent fixtures (my husband hates when I change my mind after a hole goes in the wall!)

Do you have some favourite brands you’d love to share?

Within Parker’s room some of my favourite brands would include:
@happyjoydecor for personalised items
@gingerandpeargifts for sea life decals
@cardboardhunters for interesting cardboard 3d art
@kisschaseydesigns for bedlinen
And floor cushions and @bunnytickles for shelving!

Thanks again Alex xx

I hope you enjoyed that & if you would like to be featured, please email Kylie at

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