Lunch Box Notes You Can Personalise

So we are on the count down here until school returns. When they finished last year January 31st seemed sooooo far away. Ummm it's like 9 days away 🙀

For those of you, like me, having days when you can't wait for them to return because you're going a little mad 🤪then days of missing them again.

Lunch box notes so you can still let them know you're thinking of them 🥰

I have created 2 sets one in black and white, & the other in full colour.
Nine of them have word bubbles so you can write your very own message. Personalise it your way. It could be words of encouragement because they were worried about their first day. Or a cheer up note for during the year when they have a presentation for the class & are worried. Or they are competing in a sports event, & feeling nervous. Or words to just let them know how much you LOVE ❤️them. 

FREE school personalised lunch box notes - Happy Joy Decor

I mean really you could write anything. That's the whole point they are little notes between you & your kids.

They are in my shop right now & I am giving either colour choice to you guys for FREE for a short time.

Little messages for the kids I think are so important. Just imagine their little faces when they read them, it makes my heart ❤️full.

I wish my Mum sent me notes when I was at school.

Head to the school printables page here, purchase & use the code LUNCHNOTEFREEBIES & they are yours, but only for a little while.

Here are the other nine lunch box note you will receive in your set.

Free school personalised lunch box notes - Happy Joy Decor

So in each lunch box note set, whether you choose black or white or full colour, you'll receive 18 cards. Nine with word bubbles so you can personalise your own notes, & nine fun designs as featured above.

I personally can't wait to pop them randomly into Charlotte's lunch box. Sadly 😓I don't think Hudson would appreciate it as much unless it was something funny 😂 Love notes vs humour, I know humour would definitely win!! Maybe I could get away with encouragement as he's a worrier, I will have to see. He's in grade 6 this year, I can't believe it 😳& things are changing in the whats cute & whats cool world 😂

Don't forget to use the code LUNCHNOTEFREEBIES on checkout.

Enjoy, Kylie 🌸

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