Losing teeth and tooth fairy bags is a whole new level

I remember when I lost a tooth as a kid, there was excitement, it was a sign I was growing up. Woo Hoo to me!!
There was never any big event made out of it. It was what it was, that's it. I left my tooth out & the lovely tooth fairy took it. There was always some loose change left there for me as a reward. Generally, some spare silver if it was floating around.
Nothing to boast about, but the acknowledgement I needed that it was taken & I was rewarded. Happy days! kids personalised tooth fairy bags

Lost teeth have been an event in my house for nearly 3 years. Hudson still has a couple of gaps that have half grown teeth. This is Charlotte's first year of teeth falling out. Her first top tooth dropped a month or two ago, & the other is wobbling. This milestone could not have come fast enough for her as she has witnessed the excitement from her brother. I love the pride in both of their faces from their signature gaps.

personalised tooth fairy bags

personalised tooth fairy bags

It's a kids world what can I say. The whole expectation of losing teeth with my kids is at a completely new level. There are tooth fairy bags, tooth fairy doors, bottles of fairy dust, letters from the fairies you receive, & not to mention the loot you can receive!! It is a known fact that $20.00 was left to a particular child from my kid's school, on several occasions.

That is insanely generous from the tooth fairy don't you think? Incredible!
I guess I can call this jealousy on my behalf haha. I wish such mediocre occasions were this insanely exciting when I was a kid.
I mean check out Charlotte's tooth fairy shrine LOL!

personalised tooth fairy bagsLosing tooth is a pretty special time, & I am all about the memories. Creating magical little events for my kids so they can remember this when they are my age. Life is too short not to make it more beautiful.

Kylie x

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