Kids Valentines

I am not really into Valentine's Day, well what I mean is my hubby & I don't buy each other gifts on this date. To be honest I am not really sure why, but I know some of the stuffed toys I see at the florists make me cringe. Maybe the fear of receiving one of those has propelled me? HaHa.

However I do love handmade Valentine gifts & crafts, especially those Valentine gifts that you can make for your kids.

Such a super cute way to let them know how much you love them, or for them to let heir friends know how much they are liked.

Take a look at these sweet printables, so simple & cute.

Photo cred - Bloome Designs Online

Photo cred - Capturing Joy

Photo cred Mommy Bundles

Photo cred - Bloom Designs online

What a lovely little ideas especially if you can surprise them in their school lunch boxes. Or if you're up to it make some for their friends.

Sweet ways to share a little love don't you think?

Kylie x

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