Kids rooms with navy

I love navy in kids bedrooms, or actually, I should say I have learnt to love navy.
Navy as a kid screamed school uniform or any uniform for that matter.
It had such a connection with the corporate world in my eyes.

Today I love navy. I am not sure why or what has come over me, but I have such
an appreciation for it. It's classic, & has such a classy feel.
Both my kids wore it a lot as babies, teamed with grey, red & I loved it with pink.

Today navy is back, & it's stunning in kids bedrooms & nurseries. 
It is so bold & deep, I love the mood & depth that it creates.

kids rooms with navy

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kids rooms with navy

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After looking at so many nurseries & bedrooms with navy as a statement colour, I have recognised that there needs to be an element of confidence using it.
Navy is a BIG colour, & I guess you really do need to feel comfortable with it.
Make navy your statement colour as a feature wall & contrasting with it.
Light contrasting colours will definitely work best, use it with white, pale greys, & light wood colours. 
Simple patterns with a lighter ground will work best. Add some textures in there too, use wood faux fur, wicker furniture, even leather to add detail & interest.

kids rooms with navy

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kids rooms with name

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Add some pops of colour too like gold, coral, red or whatever take your fancy. Be sure to use minimal & not to go overboard. A little bit can go a long way.

If you're not ready to paint a whole wall navy, maybe you could reverse engineer the idea. Light walls with navy details think furniture, bed linen, art, & decor accessories. 

Have fun with the trend & enjoy.

Kylie :)

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