Kids Personalised Cushion Sizes

Personalised cushions for kids & babies

One of the most asked questions I get is cushion sizes
I think size comparison is always hard to explain over an email or face to face. 
Not sure about you but I'm a WAAAAAY more of visual a person, when I see something I just don't get it's then I just get it. 
Is that you too? 😊 

So to help you out I wanted to share my 3 cushion sizes here.
The square is 40x40cm.
The large rectangle size is 40x30cm.
The small (similar to A4 size) is 27x18cm.
In all of my personalised cushion listings in my shop, I have another easy peasy image showing the sizes again for you.

personalised kids cushions

I have found that each cushion really has had a great purpose.
Our small size has always been perfect for a gift for a friend, work colleague, a gift to be sent in the mail, & it's so time & cute as a decorative piece in a cot.
The large size is a stunning statement piece for their bed. It plump & beautiful & the kids love their name on their bold & obvious.
Our square size is used for our birth cushions. It's big & beautiful with lots of space to share your most beautiful memories. Let's not forget the 
exclusive designs illustrated just for this square shape.

I really hope this helps you out when browsing amongst all of my personalised cushions.


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