Why Are Kids Bedrooms WAY More Stylish Than Their Parents

Kids decor is my thing as you know.
I love it.
Creating new designs, & sourcing beautiful kids bedrooms is my joy.
The downside of this is that is SO clear, kids bedrooms are WAY more stylish than parents bedrooms. The life of a mum, kids are always first, semi boo hoo.

As a kid, (I am an 80's child), styling bedrooms weren't a thing.
It was up to me as to how it looked. I didn't have an interior stylist, personalised cushions, cool storage, art framed artistically, wall decals, beautifully crafted wooden decor, or feature rugs. Monochrome wasn't a thing, peg boards, shelfies, & what were pops of colour?

I decorated with what was given to me, & in my case lots of blue tac & tear outs from magazines. Yes, posters that were not framed, still had fold creases in them, & sometimes had tears. There was no abundance of cushions on my bed, cool bed linen, awesome shelving, & trust me KMart was not on trend. It was what it was.
Thank god I didn't know any different, just writing this makes me cry haha.

Racing car boys personalised cushion

Photo cred @amandabray_loves featuring my personalised racing car cushion

It has made me realised what a wonderful world my kids have.
Endless choice, styles & options, it just blows my mind.

It's happening because of us, mums who love to create & make beautiful things.
We are learning how to do everything.
We have access to everything, move over Mr, the DIY world doesn't belong just to you.
We are making businesses & careers out of making life more beautiful.

I love all the creativity out there & really talented mums.
I know the kid's bedrooms don't always look like this, but when they have been tidied up, rearranged & styled don't they just look magnificent. 
It's such eye candy, isn't it? 

girls ballerina personalised storage sack

photo cred  @addicted.to.pastel  featuring our personalised ballerina storage sack

There is only one issue I have with all of this.
I really need to make time to make my own bedroom look just as pretty & perfectly styled. My bedroom deserves it to I know, & I will get around to it eventually.
But the joy I get out of creating beautiful decor for kids bedrooms, & babies nursery is so incredible. Knowing that my personalised decor makes their room feel special, unique & safe really is everything to me. Receiving incredible photos like this just makes my heart burst with happiness, & makes all the hours of the hard work make it so worth it.

I would absolutely love to see your child's room styled, or see how you have decorated with rooms with my products. Share all of your beauty with everyone.
Email me or just simply tag me with hashtag #kylieloy

Kylie :)

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