I bought a Thermomix!!

i bought a thermomix

I finally bought a Thermomix!

It's been on my mind for so long, I really wanted one.
A couple of times I nearly bought one & chickened out at the last minute.
Initially, I thought I didn't REALLY need one as my Kitchen Aid, & current blender was perfectly OK. That was about 2 years ago.

Then my neighbour had a demo & bought one.
Some mums from school bought them. I'd hear them gloating about their "thermie" dishes, & how delicious time saving they were. I was totally glued to their discussions on delicious recipes & how fast they were.  Totally envious.

I went to another friends demo & was so inspired & ready to buy one. But I chickened out again due to cost, as I just didn't have the spare cash to buy one.

This year I bit the bullet & bought one. I did it just before I went to QLD so when I arrived home it would be waiting. 

My lovely consultant brought it to me & boy was I overwhelmed with fear & excitement. She thoroughly went through the operations of it, & we made fresh vegetable stock. I was so excited over such a simple pleasure!

My main reason for buying a Thermomix was I wanted to provide better meals for my family. I LOVE LOVE cooking, it's my thing, & I do feed my family great food, but I wanted less sugar, less salt & create meals as preservative free as possible.
I want them, & myself to eat cleaner, & fresher.
The time factor was HUGE for me also, like all mums I am busy & with my kids so heavily into their sport it was going to be a winner for me.

I am looking forward to trying all the recipes, you never know I may even create my own. I have been cooking up a storm, & will be sure to let you know my thoughts & what I love.

Kylie x

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