How a cushions can brighten the kids room

A quick decor update in the kid's bedrooms doesn't have to cost the earth at all. 
Changing wall colours, hanging shelves, fixing holes could be a really great long term goal if you're up for it, but a quick fix up doesn't require much time at all.

Sometimes a pop of colour from a new cushion is the easiest fix of all. 

Each year I change a few things around in their rooms as their tastes change, & I like them to have their own style. Cushions are one of the first updates I do. They are simple easy & not expensive. They can add texture, mood & a whole bunch of colour

Here are my 5 reasons why cushions are fab for the kid's room.

1. You can buy several cushions together & create a lovely little reading nook. A place where they can read, relax, & explore the wonderful joy of books & illustration. They may even have a nap if you're lucky.

How a cushions can brighten the kids room

2. Buy a personalised cushion design & make them feel special.
Kids love seeing their name on cushions, as well as many other decor items, it really does light their eyes up. It makes them feel special, & proud as they have complete ownership of their very own cushion. This is a beautiful time especially in their kinder years when they are starting to recognise how their name is written, or even writing their name. 

How a cushions can brighten the kids room

 3. On a chair.
If you have a stool or chair in their room add some colour to it. Make it look great as well as being functional, & it will also make it super comfy if they're going to sit in it.

How a cushions can brighten the kids room

4. Pop it on a shelf.
Yep...I know cushions are generally supposed to be for the lower part of the bedroom, but sometimes when you receive something that is really special, us mums like to keep it looking nice. Clean. Not drooled on. Drawn on. Dragged outside. Squashed, Overly loved. You get what I mean.
Popping it on a shelf will not only solve that issue but it also adds some love colour & interest up high.

How a cushions can brighten the kids room

 4. Stack them in a basket.
Not only does this keep things tidy, but it can be such a great feature in their bedroom. Also a great way to start teaching them to pick up their things...if you're lucky.

How a cushions can brighten the kids room

There were 5 simple ways some cushions can update the kid's rooms.
So easy anybody can do this & also affordable.

I would love you to take a look at my boy's cushions & girl's cushions if you're up for a quick decor challenge. They really are such an effective & low key way to update the kid's bedrooms. I have so many designs to choose from & also have bundle & save options so if you're looking for more than 1, you may as well save some $$ too.

Any questions always feel free to contact me.
Kylie x 

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