Happiest girls are the prettiest wall art print

There is so much truth in this famous saying by Audrey Hepburn. "HAPPIEST GIRLS ARE THE PRETTIEST". I tell my daughter this all the time, particularly when she is giving me 'scowly' face. I know mums with girls 'get' this face. Although she doesn't quite understand exactly what I mean yet, she also does not understand when she frowns & carries on, it isn't her best look.

Happiest girls are the prettiest wall art print

The prettiest does not necessarily mean the outside, a smile really is a beautiful thing. There is something that absolutely radiates when that person you see, or meet has a smile that comes from deep within.
You know the one I mean?
It just shines right through? Like their eyes sparkle. Their smile is contagious.
A genuine happiness that is deep within them. You just want to be like them, and just be with them.

Another lesson I continually teach my kids, & I really hope it's sinking in.
Just be happy.
It really is soo important.
I have tough days when I feel scowly, moody & grumpy. But as I get older I am teaching myself to snap out of it faster & faster. There is so much energy involved when you're grumpy. Smiling & feeling happy is easy & so much more simple.

Happy girls wall art available here.

Enjoy, Kylie xo

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