Gorgeous Christening Gifts For Girls

Buying gifts for Christenings, Baptisms, or Naming days can be a challenge.
You want to buy something that is really special, a memorable keepsake that will last forever.

I have had both of my children Christened at an Anglican church.
My history with this church is really special to me.
My parents were married in this church, I was married there too.
I was Christened at this church, & I also had my kids christened there too.
I was not brought up in a religious household. My Dad was not interested in any form of religion but respected it also, so I guess that is where my viewpoint comes from. 

Traditionally christenings were generalised as quite large religious events, with lots of candles, crosses, beads & all sorts of gifts given for many different cultural & religious reasons. I am absolutely such events still happen, but the Christenings I have been to have been a lot more low key.

Giving a beautiful christening or baptism gift can also have the same feeling, but is so acceptable to have a modern & contemporary twist to it. 

Below are some beautiful items & ideas that would be a wonderful consideration next time you're invited.


From left to right;
Pretty name personalised wall art.
Pink chevron door cross hanger. 
Lamb sewing pattern
Pretty flower girls christening cushion
Personalised pink baby block
Hot pink leather moccasins
Decorated pink mason jar

What is your favourite pick from the above?

Kylie :)



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