Gift ideas for kids who have everything

Here you will find unique & memorable gifts ideas for kids who have everything.

The number of times I have had to buy a birthday gift for a family member, or one of my kid's friends & it's always the question, what do I buy? I hear it from my friends too, we can give them all of the suggestions, but it's always the same response, but this kid has everything!! 

Buying gifts for kids can be challenging. Finding something memorable & unique can be even harder. The gift list starts with newborn gifts, first birthday gifts, Christening or Baptism gifts, Easter gifts & Christmas gifts, & the list can go on.

Let's get real it can consume way more of our time than we would like.

I am sure you're just like me & like to buy gifts for kid's that are unique. A gift that is useful, that will last, & has that special something when we wrap it up for them.

I am not a fan of cheap disposable gifts, hence why personalised gift ideas for kid's (& babies) who have everything solve everything. 

Let's get real...buying a kid's gift can hard work.

We all have hit the shopping centres only to realise you're pretty sure it's all the same everywhere you look, & no doubt there will be a gift "double up". You know it's generic, & you know in your heart it's just not the right present for you. A gift voucher is a no go zone for you, yuk, so impersonal.
This is where a personalised gift is your best friend.

Say goodbye to worrying about buying the same gift.

Choosing personalised gifts kids reduces your chances of you buying the same gifts as someone else. It's also a great chance they won't already own this.

Seriously what are the chances?

You won't have to worry about that 'OH NO', feeling when you see two of the same gifts bought. Let's be honest too, gift exchanges are a pain in the butt, then having to think about something else. Buying a personalised gift for kid's means no need to worry about gift exchange receipts!!

Bye bye mass market...hello unique gift

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Buying a personalised gift for kids or baby means no need to consider buying from K-Mart, Target, Cotton on Kids or BIG W. Don't get me wrong these stores have their advantages, they are convenient, but we all know they are MASS market products. They absolutely serve a purpose, I know as I have purchased gifts there for my own kids included.

But we are here to solve the problem of buying a gift for a kid who has everything.

But when you're wanting something beautiful & unique, buying a handmade personalised gift for kids is a guaranteed winner. Generally, it's unlikely you'd buy the same gift. Just knowing you can add a name, a date, a perfect message or changing a colour, really is a service & chance to create & purchase something truly special.

So let's look at some personalised gift ideas.

The most common way of personalising a gift for a kid or baby is by putting their name on it. It's seriously the bee's knees of personalised gift giving for kids.

Personalised cushions have always been a winner for me.
Let me explain ... when my kids are invited to birthday parties, & I am struggling for a gift I will always make a personalised cushion for them.
I can guarantee every time they open their present their faces light up.

Their very own name is on it!!!!

The expression of happiness & that look of pride in their eyes, it's THEIR name.
Their parents always send me a message after the party thanking me again, letting me know how much their child adores it. It's generally sitting on their bed with joy. 

If you ask me that's a damn good reason to buy a personalised gift for kids.

Kids personalised wall art is another fantastic option. Pop it on their wall in a frame, have it printed on canvas, even add their birth details on it. 
When giving kids print as a gift, go that extra mile making it easy for parents & frame it for them. It's so easy & inexpensive to buy a frame from your local store. 

Buy a keepsake that captures a baby's most important details in print

The is nothing more exciting than the birth of a new baby.
Babies are the most memorable time in a new Mum & Dad's life, so why not personalise the announcement? The most perfect newborn gift, in my opinion, is a personalised birth cushion or wall art print.

gifts for kids who have everything

A personalised cushion is like a time capsule capturing precious birth details forever. Newborn babies details are so precious to have because in a blink of an eye they have grown.

Such a personal gift can be a really emotional gift too. There is always a chance you'll make Mum cry, because let's be real it's such an overwhelming & hormonal time.

Depending on the child their age & personality, there are a range of other personalised gifts you can buy they would be perfect decor additions for their bedroom.

What about a kids personalised pillowcase? This is such a fun way to update their bedroom. It's also a fantastic idea for when babies are transitioning from a cot to a bed. I did this for my own son Hudson, so he felt like a BIG boy. 

A library tote bag? We all know how exciting it is when young kids leave kindergarten to enter grade prep. Wow, it's a big time for them as well as Mum.
A personalised library tote bags are a great gift for both boys & girls entering school. Not only can this be used as a library bag, but a great tote for them to carry colouring books, a pencil case, an iPad, toys. It's the perfect car travel buddy, get them to pack a bag of toys to keep them entertained on a long drive.

gifts for kids who have everything

How can a personalised gift not be the most thought & really the best gift ever.

Next time you're in need of a perfect personalised gift for kids who have everything, please consider a handmade custom gift. Not only will it be unique, but the satisfaction you get from a personalised gift, really does give the best feelings ever.

I know how much kids will love them, & the gratitude from the parent knowing you spent the time & effort outweighs absolutely everything.

Your turn to check out some personalised gifts are perfect for kids who have everything.

Take a look at the personalised gift ideas we have in store that will not only be the ultimate present but such great room decor updates.

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Gift ideas for kids who have everything

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