FREE Easter Bunny & Egg DIY Garland

There is nothing better than making Easter decorations with the kids.
Creating something with their very own hands & decorating it in their own colours. I adore the intense concentration in their faces as they make it beautiful, & then finally put it up for the whole for the family to see.
The joy it brings to the kids is so heartwarming.
I love the pride in their face.
Standing up & owning their creation.
Their contribution to making their home beautiful.

Gorgeous Chloe has been making an Easter garland & looks like she's been having soooo much fun. She has used the Easter egg & Easter bunny drawing prompt pages from my Easter activity pack instore now.
These prompt pages are for you to create anything you like. Just draw & decorate inside them, or afterwards, make a garland from them which is exactly what Chloe has done & now I want to share this with you.

Easter Bunny & easter egg Kids FREE DIY colour garland bunting

I would love you to make your own by downloading your free Easter bunny & egg template here. It's super easy to make, it's entertaining for the kids & gives them the opportunity to have some quiet creative time.

Easter Bunny & easter egg Kids FREE DIY colour garland bunting

Start by printing off your page here & grab your supplies. You can colour the Easter eggs & bunny faces by using pencils, markers or crayons, or even use some little square stickers. Paint is also a fun option but make sure you print on to some heavier card stock.

Cut them the Easter eggs & Bunny faces & start creating.

Easter Bunny & easter egg Kids FREE DIY colour garland bunting

Easter Bunny & easter egg Kids FREE DIY colour garland bunting

They are easy & so much fun for the kids to make & colour in.  It really looks like Chloe really has just done such an amazing job. She has cut them out & coloured them so well & added a few extra touches with some sparkly stickers.

Easter bunny & easter egg free diy kids paper garland

kids free easter egg & easter bunny DIY paper garland

Once the kids have coloured them in I would suggest getting Mum or an adult to help make some small holes ready to hang the Easter garland. A kitchen skewer or similar is a handy tool to create small holes. Pop a hole anywhere you.

Chloe's garland holes are through the bunny's ear & at the top of the easter egg.
Once complete use some twine, wool or thing ribbon to thread through leaving enough room at each end to hang it up.
What a fantastic job she has done.

Don't forget to download your paper Easter garland here.
This freebie is part of my new 32 page Easter activity pack, that has so much for the kids to do it will be perfect to fill in those gaps of time before the kids say they're bored!!
Best of all it gets them using their hand, getting creative & give their eyes a break from the iPads.

Download your free garland here.

 Any questions feel free to ask, & just have some fun.
Kylie x

FREE Easter Bunny & Egg DIY garland - Happy Joy Decor


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