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Ooooh Easter is coming & it's nearly the end of school term.
I am looking forward to Thursday when school is finished & they are all clocked off for a couple of weeks. Time to rest & rebuild. I don't know about your kids, but my 2 are really tired. It's been a long hot term with countless days well over 30 degrees.

I can see in Charlotte's face she is dragging herself along, her first term of school has been filled with days of learning, making new friends, mastering the monkey bars & back at dancing.

Hudson is tired also, but as he is in year 2, his stamina is a little stronger as he is accustomed school life. Nevertheless he is ready for a break also.

Free Easter 2016 colouring in page
I wanted to give you an Easter printable for the kids. It's based on this years 2016 Easter collection & I thought it might keep the kids quiet for an hour or so, so hopefully you can pop your feet up & enjoy a hot cup of tea. Free Easter 2016 colouring in page

My kids love colouring in & I know will really enjoy colouring all of the little details.

Free Easter 2016 colouring in page

Free Easter 2016 colouring in page

You can download your image here.
Enjoy, I hope it gives you the hour of peace you deserve.

Kylie xo

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