Easter 2017

The year seems to be flying & suddenly Easter is starting to appear.
Easter eggs & hot cross buns have been around for a while now, but I tend to ignore them.

When I start seeing beautiful Easter collections from talented designers, then I know it's on its way. I have seen gorgeous Easter bags, bonnets, soft toys & delicious handmade chocolates.

My Easter collection this year has a new bunny in town.
I wanted to keep him & her simple this year, & have them especially for this fun occasion, but also make sure they were sweet enough to be beautiful gifts for nurseries.

Drawing this year's bunny was a bit of a struggle. I wasn't really happy with him for some time. I drew & redrew him several times. First, he was drawn as a girl & then drawn as a boy.

To show you what I mean here is a video below of the whole drawing process.
You'll see what I mean. I am sorry it's not loading below.


After a lot of moments changing my mind, I have finally finished both of my bunnies for the new year.


I guess as an illustrator you have days when illustrations just work, & I am in that total flow feeling, & then days when well, it just doesn't.
This was one of those occasions & as frustrating as it was I got there in the end.

 Kylie x

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