Describing my style

My style & how do I describe it?

It's been a thought I have been really thinking about lately.
Sometimes I get so busy in my own life I forget to reflect & think amount what I am creating, & where my style is headed & what does it look like. 

I feel that it definitely has evolved over the last 6 months.
This, of course, has been done with complete intention. I have become very conscious of the direction of my brand, where I want to take it & constantly thinking about how I want it to be represented. At the end of the day, it's my own name.

My brand that represents happiness through personalised decor & illustration, it brings colour, happiness & creates memories in your home.

I've been working hard on this because at one stage I was feeling a little bit unsure.
This so easy to do, when life is moving fast, & I am trying to keep up with colours, style & trends. You become naturally influenced, & can get a little lost. All creatives I know have had this happen to them at one stage or another.

dessert flower girls personalised cushion

A year or two ago I absolutely loved clashing colour & patterns together, it was busy & bold & I adored it. Today I just don't feel the same, I crave more simple design. Initially, I was worried what would customers think, but there doesn't seem to have been an issue. I know I have to try & stay true to myself.

I love colour & beautiful patterns, I always will. But, right now I am loving both in a much simpler style. I feel like I have kept it colourful but toned it down, still incorporating both but much more simply. 

boys bear personalised cushion

I absolutely love the Scandinavian design style.
I love its simplicity, how clean & relaxed it looks. But....I still prefer more colour, & a tad more pattern, especially as kids decor, is my world. To me, colour creates positivity, a first impression, sets a mood, a style, & your outlook on the world. 
My design style is a happy one, I want kids to love looking at what is in their bedroom, & I want parents to look at it with sweet memories. 

I have no interest in keeping up with, competing or wanting to be a version of a mass market design trend. There is no point, & there are only so many versions of the same design one person can handle. Instead, I would much rather work on trends that have my own spin & interpretation. I know that my customer loves that point of difference, & looks for quality keepsake pieces for their home.

One of my favourite collections of work at the moment are the designs of my current Christmas Santa Sack collection. I love how simple they look, still with detail & just a few colours. If you'd like to see those you can pop over here.

I am enjoying at the moment where my work is going, & I am in the middle of a bit of a shop overhaul. My style is & always will be a work in progress, it's a daily evolving process, but most of all I am really looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

Kylie :)

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