What Personalised Cushion Size, Suits Your Childs Bedroom or Nursery

Kids cushions come in all shapes & sizes but today I wanted to share the 3 very popular sizes I sell. I am asked about the personalised cushion sizes quite a lot so photographing them all together I thought would make it really clear before you make your decision on your purchase.

A good visual & showing them side by side I would be best.

Reading measurements & grabbing your ruler for purchasing online is ideal so you know what you're buying, & also an accurate way for you to make your cushion decision.
For example is it too big small for the bed, cot or chair you're wanting to sit it on. 
But to visually see the difference has a totally different impact.

I have three sizes all with the sizes below.
In my product listings, I say the word "approximate", because each one is created just for you & sometimes, can ever so slightly vary. I am talking half a centimetre here or there. They are all created with human hands, most of the time mine, & we all need to take slight variation into account.
Kids personalised cushions for bedroom & nursery

My smallest 27x18cm, which is adorable, & is $39 including post.
Think of the size of an A4 sheet of printing paper & it's very similar to that.
A perfect gift size for someone, great value, it's not overwhelming, & can add some fantastic size variation amongst other cushions.
The most popular size is 30x40cm, & is $54 including post.
Think the size of an A3 sheet of printing paper & it's very similar to that.
I love this size because it's big, has a great shape, makes a statement 
& looks great styled with both my square cushion & small cushion above.
Although my cushions have been created mainly as decorative pieces, I find a lot of kids love to snuggle up with these & I have had some customers says it'say it's a great travel cushion. 

Kids personalised cushions for bedroom & nursery
The square 40x40cm , & is $59 including post. 
The largest of them all & what a beautiful size it is. A statement piece for any bedroom, whether it's just has a name or all of those precious birth details.

Kids personalised cushions for bedroom & nursery
I really hope the above info & photos help with all 3 of my cushions sizes & your decision as which one to purchase. 
Don't forget all of my cushions are machine washable & if you have any further questions please ask away.

Kylie :)

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