Christmas 2016 Santa Sacks & stockings are here

Wow, it's been well over a month since I have published a blog post. Time can get away from you when you become preoccupied with other things happening. The things we must do, & I am talking about the things like Christmas!!!

Can you believe we are considering Christmas already? Working in the fashion industry for so many years, I am used to working ahead of time. Sometimes if you're running late a little, it's a race to the design deadline. Which is my case this year. All of a sudden I realised Christmas was almost here, from a launch perspective that is, so I literally had to drop everything & complete it. Time had slipped by somehow. Lots of intense hours of what felt like furious creation. Nothing like some added pressure for myself.Personalised Kids Santa SacksChristmas design for me isn't always themed based. It's never been overly matchy. It's always been about adding lots of elements of the season, lots of choices, making it as bright & festive as possible. I love sticking to traditional Christmas themes & icons, as well as adding some on trend elements. Creating memories & capturing kids excitement is my goal. I truly love every moment.

Personalised Kids Christmas Stockings My personalised Santa Sacks this year are new, now created in a natural colour.
After creating them in red for a couple of years I needed a change. It can also be quite restrictive when designing on a red base, as you really can't use a lot of red in your design. You need to make sure the colours you choose coordinate well with red. Trust me it's not as simple as you think, as I love

Trust me it's not as simple as you think, as I love the colour to work harmoniously. Working on a natural colour base this year has literally been like Christmas. My colour options have exploded & every combination is up on offer.Personalised Kids Santa SacksEven though I have been sharing snippets of my Christmas Santa Sacks & Christmas Stockings already on facebook & instagram, I wanted to share them also officially here on my blog.

I would love to know what you think?

I have been so far been really surprised with the positive reaction & some early orders already. It's fantastic.
I have recently just added my bundles so you can shop & save.
Christmas can be expensive, I get it so when you buy more than one I have added some Christmas Festive Bundles for you. Check out my bundles before you buy.

Personalised Kids Christmas StockingsSo now the designs are complete & uploaded in the Christmas area of my shop, it's time to now take some fun Christmas photos with them.

Kylie xo

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