Boredom Busting Indoor Activities

I am about to embark on a new journey next week, all due to COVID-19.
Not by choice, unfortunately, schools are not opening here in Melbourne.
I was feeling a bit agitated by it only because Hudson is in year 6 & I was concerned about his year 7 preparation. But it is what it is and what will get me through it is knowing I am not alone. I have a lovely group of awesome Mumma's I have known since he started in prep.

Being home daily is causing boredom for all kids, I am sure yours are too.
So I made a boredom busting solution, for when I hear those familiar words, 
I'm bored. I've have created two boredom busting idea packs.
One is 
60 Boredom busting indoor activities.
Simple easy things to do at home that don't requiring having to buy anything.
Perfect considering we can't go out!!
You can check it out 

indoor boredom busting printables

printable boredome buster indoor activities

The other above is 60 boredom busting Lego building ideas to build.
i love this one as it's something my kids both enjoy 7 even create a little bit of competition.
You could absolutely use this once a day, twice a day, in pairs, or alone.
You can check it out 

It works like drawing a raffle.
The idea is not to let them select what they want to do, but instead, they have to do whatever they draw out.

I love the spontaneity it can be fun.

You can check them both out 
here, they're only $5 each, or buy both of them and use code BOREDOM for $8.

Enjoy, Kylie

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