Blog Crush....House of turquoise

If you have been following my work for a while now, you should have worked out that I am completely obsessed with the colour turquoise.
I am so drawn to it, I notice it everywhere.

About 5 years ago I also discovered blogger who also has a big crush on the beautiful shades of turquoise. She has a blog completely dedicated to it, & it makes my heart race with happiness, every time I see her latest blog post, facebook  post or an image on her instagram feed, & not to mention her pinterest boards.

The blog is "House of Turquoise" & her name is Erin.
Take a look I know if you're drawn to the cool hues of turquoise or blues, you too will understand what I mean.

Thankfully Erin has a kids category, a go to place for when I need a boost of oohhhs ahhhs & inspiration. Below is a selection of divine kids bedrooms to make me smile, directly from the blog category kids rooms. turquoise kids roomsIsn't it just spectacular?
Don't loose too much time in the house of turquoise, it's easily done.

Kylie xo 

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