Babies First Christmas Santa Sacks & Christmas Stockings

Oh my goodness, is there anything sweeter than a baby's first Christmas?

Whether it's your bubs first Christmas, a new addition to the family, or a dear friend's new baby.
There is nothing we get more excited over. We love to buy gifts for new babies, spoil them, & give lots of hugs & kisses. Not to mention taking loads of photos & video, trying to capture every moment, creating memories one click at a time.

Do you remember your kids first Christmas?
I don't remember the day moment to moment but I do have some gorgeous photos to keep the memories alive.

Here are few of my favourites.

Both of them were super chubby babies weren't they?

Receiving your babies first Christmas present, or giving one is such a special gift.
It's the beginning of creating new keepsakes that will be looked back on in years to come with sweet memories attached. It will become a little piece of history that will make your smile, as well as the kids.

Have you seen my Babies first Christmas Santa Sacks & Stockings?

You can see the babies first Christmas Santa Sacks, & stocking designs here.

What a gorgeous set they would be together, but make sure you don't buy them individually. Head here to purchase as a set & save.

It really is a perfect gift that is an ideal keepsake for their most special Christmas, their first. Don't let it slip by & miss it.

Any questions about anything always feel free to hit reply & ask away.

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